Turkey as an Energy Hub in the Mediterranean Region

Justyna Misiągiewicz


The new international situation after the cold war made Turkey a far more active and pragmatic player. Nowadays, energy security is a growing concern in the Turkish foreign policy. Turkey is one of the world’s fastest growing energy markets and importer of energy resources. The country’s geographic location made it play a special role in international relations. It is a natural bridge connecting Europe and the Caspian and Middle Eastern energy producing states. Turkey’s aim is to participate in the EU’s energy policy as a center of transit and distribution of oil and gas. It will make possible for the European Union to avoid the energy transmission through Russia. It is anticipated that 6 to 7% of global oil supply will be transported via Turkey by 2012 and that Ceyhan will become a major energy hub and the largest oil outlet terminal in the Eastern Mediterranean. In this way Turkey wants to speed up its integration with the European Union. EU will probably systematically include Turkey in developing its energy strategy.

Keywords: Energy, Mediterranean Region, Security, Strategy

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